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The Djenghi-Djer Expedition

We’re a team of stoic and slightly unhinged Scots who enjoy nothing more than charging about the wilderness and, in particular, up unclimbed mountains. The group consists of Sandy, Sam, Calum, Magnus, Struan and Neil, who have been tripping together since school days. Despite chasing different careers to various corners of the globe (Australia, London, and the exotic centres of Aberdeen and Inverness) we make sure to meet up a few times a year, attempting to satisfy our appetite for adventure. This year, we have turned our attention to Kyrgyzstan. 

Two of us have already been to this fantastic country and have experienced its towering mountains, vast lakes and rolling plains. Horses are important in the culture of Kyrgyzstan and so with this in mind, we have decided to invite more than one type of animal on the trip - we’ll be horse riding! We aim to ride across the famed steppes of Kyrgyzstan until reaching the Djenghi-Djer mountain range which we have identified as largely unexplored (at least by Westerners) to set up base camp. From there, we plan to make first ascents of the surrounding mountains around 15,000 feet. By exploring the surrounding valleys on horseback, we will be able to recon the geography of the region and inspire other people to visit. The country is also a neighbour of Kazakhstan which makes it prime territory to insult each other using our finest ‘Borat’ accents - “very nice”!

We are delighted to be working with Sealskinz for this adventure. All of us have used Sealskinz on a number of our previous expeditions when things have got wet, windy and chilly. This is certainly to be the case above 4,500m, and so we are very excited about this partnership. From Scotland to Kyrgyzstan, Sealskinz’ endurance accessories are an indispensable addition to any kit list. 

We hope to update you as we continue to plan the trip, and after we get there. You can look forward to wide-ranging updates touching upon the perils of horse mastery, the delights of squat toilets and ultimately, the mountains of Kyrgyzstan.


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