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How do you #ConnectOutdoors?

How do you #ConnectOutdoors?

For over twenty years, we've had the amazing job of hand-making the very best outdoor accessories.

We create products for a passionate community of people who share an opinion that life is generally better when they can get outside. They want to stay out longer, push harder, and not turn back.

It's a community that often shares their stories, photos, and experiences with us. We get to hear how Sealskinz helps them to connect to the outdoors. And, that inspires us.

This season, we want to retell some of these stories - and collect some new ones. We're calling it #ConnectOutdoors, and we want to hear from you.

Tell us how you #ConnectOutdoors

Check us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and share your story of how you connect to the outdoors!

Use hashtag #ConnectOutdoors and we'll get back to you with a code for a $15 to use at So, get out there. We want to celebrate your adventure.

Meet Joanna.

"I started mountain biking during one of the worst times in my life. I felt I had truly lost my way. Mountain biking helped me find myself again, remembering the person I was supposed to be."

"Riding represents an escape, it alleviates the stress I experience running my own business and it reminds me that the best things in life are free. There's no better place for me."

"As a child, I was bold, adventurous, always outside and doing physical activities. Somehow I'd lost of all of that, including my self-confidence. Getting out on the bike challenged me, made me realize how determined I am, how much I enjoy the thrill of pushing myself to find out what I am capable of. Facing my fears and growing as a result."

"Being out in nature, in the elements makes me feel truly ALIVE and living life to the fullest, and I have mountain biking for helping me to realize my potential again."

Here are some additional, somewhat boring details about the #ConnectOutdoors offer:

  • Share your story on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and we'll get back to you with a unique code you can use for $15 off your Sealskinz purchase.
  • Your story doesn't have to feature Sealskinz but if it does, we'll probably yell your name here at the office out of sheer love.
  • We know you love to share, but this is limited to one offer per customer. So share all you want, but we can only hand out one single use code per amazing human.
  • The sharing promotion ends Wednesday, October 23, 2019 at midnight.

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