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2016 so far, a quick update!

Despite feeling a little apprehensive and unsure about myself at the start of this year, 2016 has been a promising year so far! 

I have settled back into training and have got my first race of 2016 under my belt. A local charity 10k run where I got to test my legs and support a great local cause. In typical January conditions I got soaked, but the run went well and I gave myself some much needed confidence! 

February will be a busy month, with races 3 weeks out of 4, 2 cross country races and 1 duathlon. This will be my first duathlon since racing in Adelaide and I can't wait! This year I am moving up to the standard distance but I am excited about the new challenge and the opportunity to see how my body will respond to the longer distance. It will be a test of both my physical and mental strength and endurance, and I can't wait. 

As the racing season gets closer, the buzz and the thrill of racing, and training, are closing in too. It's fast becoming all I can think about and talk about. I am starting to make plans for my trip to Germany in April for my European Championship, and also for my trip to Spain in June, where I have prequalified for the World Championships for the sprint distance, although I would like to try and qualify for the standard distance between now and then. 

At the start of the year I was overwhelmed with doubts and worries about myself, about my training, about racing. If I'm honest, about everything. Fast forward through a few weeks of training and a confidence boosting race and my head is firmly back in the game! For the first time, I feel ready for the challenges ahead both in my sport but also in life in general. We all have doubts and it's normal to worry. Once we get over worrying about worrying it all becomes a lot easier! Bring it on 2016!!!


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